Taylor & Camille- engaged!

Taylor & Camille-

Congratulations on your engagement!!! I met Camille at a wedding last year. She is an EXTREMELY talented wedding planner for http://www.cheerseventplanning.com/default.html (you should MOST DEFINITELY check them out, they are incredible). Camille and I kept in touch a lot since we will be working weddings together this 2013 year.

One super exciting day, I got an email asking if I would photograph HER wedding. I was instantly giddy, and so incredibly touched and honored.

As we began to plan a day for engagement pictures, Camille told me over and over they were not good at taking pictures. I reassured her that she was highly incorrect =) As soon as we began the session, after snapping a few pictures, I instantly realized they were natural PROS!!! We had such a fun afternoon catching up and getting to know each other better. I adore the both of them. Taylor & Camille are such a joy to be around. They both are so laid back, positive, happy, and up for anything! I loved having the honor to watch them interact with each other! They were newly engaged at the time of our shoot, so the excitement and love for one another was beaming all over them!

I am so thankful for the friends I have made through photography. Taylor & Camille, I absolutely cannot wait to be apart of your big day!!!!!




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