Steve + Sam- Autozone Park, Baseball Inspired Engagement

Congratulations Steve & Sam on your engagement!!!!!

Where do I even begin?!? How incredible is it that we got the opportunity to spend the afternoon taking pictures throughout Autozone Park here in Memphis, TN. I always ask my clients before engagement sessions to try to think of somewhere that would mean a lot to the both of them. Sam instantly told me that their first date was to a Redbirds game at Autozone Park, and about Steve’s love for baseball. She told me that it would mean a lot to them to have the chance to have their engagement session at Autozone! I was so thrilled when we got word that we could actually make it happen! I felt like a kid at disney land roaming through the enormous baseball stadium all to ourselves!! My dad has been a baseball coach since I was born, so this was right up my alley!!!! We seriously were allowed to go anywhere we wanted, SO COOL! (The workers were even playing Home Alone on the Jumbo-tron for us, and I was obsessed!)

I truly had such a great time not only having the chance to explore such a beautiful place, but to spend some time with a truly incredible couple! Steve & Sam are so easy going, laid back, and just plain love each other. Steve had the absolute sweetest smile whenever Sam would kiss him on the cheek, or I would ask him to look at her. It was PRECIOUS! I have to also mention that Sam has unbelievably GORGEOUS blue eyes. I was insanely jealous! Not only are they incredible clients, but they have become precious friends to me!

11-18-13 is the day they will become Mr. & Mrs. Martin, and I could not be more ecstatic for it!!!!


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