Stephen + Alyssa- downtown engagement

Stephen and Alyssa were the winners of my first contest in 2012!

I was so incredibly excited as Alyssa and I began writing emails to one another! She told me that her and Stephen were recently engaged, and how excited they were about their first photo shoot together! We decided on downtown Memphis, TN for the location.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it could not have been more relaxing! We strolled around downtown getting to know one another, and frequently stopping for a quick picture =) Alyssa mentioned to me that she had just recently picked out her dress from the FABULOUS show Say Yes to the Dress. I believe she said it will show in April, so be sure to look for her! I know she will make such a gorgeous bride!

We ended up venturing to the top of the Peabody Rooftop, and experienced a breathtaking sunset! We ended the night on main street, because of course having bright beautiful lights in pictures is a must!!

Thank you so much Stephen & Alyssa for such a fun evening, and for entering in my first contest! I am so thankful for the chance to be apart of your sweet day!


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