The Huber Family

Oh where to even begin! Please know that I am not an incredible writer. That is my main reason I chose photography. I try my best to tell a story through my photos, instead of my writing, but this family has truly inspired me, and I felt the world needed to know how truly incredible they are. I have had the honor to photograph the Hutcherson/ Cleves/ Huber Family for the past few years. They are truly an incredible family and are always a blast to be around. About 6 months into Jessica’s pregnancy, I received a message asking to take newborn photos of their baby girl that would be arriving in October 2014. Fast forward to October, I had seen on facebook that Miss Olivia had made her entrance into the world! I could truly feel the joy and excitement bursting through facebook, and I was SO excited to meet her! Soon after her birth, I received a call from Jessica’s sister Sarah with some absolutely devastating news. She informed me that Olivia had a rare genetic mutation and would only embrace this world for a few days. My heart instantly sank, DEEP. Now, I have not had a baby of my own yet, but I sure know what it is like to be an aunt, and to love babies with my whole heart. My heart instantly gripped thinking about something happening to one of my nieces or nephews. I could not even begin to imagine what their entire family was feeling. All I knew was that my heart was truly broken. All I knew was that this precious sweet innocent baby girl, with a family that was over the moon ecstatic to welcome her, would not be on this Earth long enough. Sarah further told me that they would be having a memorial for Olivia, and she would love it I would come to capture their balloon release. I arrived at a beautiful church in Collierville with tears in my eyes. I sat in through the service remembering Olivia listening to how loved this sweet baby girl was. This sweet family truly had a support system. Their friends and families gathered beside them to release pink balloons to Olivia in heaven. This day, I will never forget.

Fast forward to this past June 2015, Rob & Jessica received the call that they would be adopting a beautiful baby girl, Leighton Olivia Huber. I instantly starting crying when I got the news that the Huber Family would be bringing home sweet Leighton, and I was anxiously waiting the days until I got to meet her! To be able to watch a family that was so broken heartened the last time I saw them, to seeing them overwhelmed with blessings as they brought home Leighton.. it was truly touching. We had such a fun day dressing baby girl Leighton (as her big cousin Henry refers to her!) in adorable outfits, bows, and of course her mama’s beautiful wedding dress, hanging out with her favorite cousins, and of course her beloved Nana!

I am beyond grateful to be apart of the Hutcherson / Cleves/ and Huber families precious memories! I am SO grateful to the Huber Family for being such an encouragement. They never gave up, and you truly inspire me!

Jessica kept a beautiful blog of her time and memories of sweet Olivia, it can be found here:


Balloon release for Miss Olivia


Welcome Baby Leighton Olivia Huber, born June 24, 2015


Big cousin Henry showing Leighton his love!


Jessica asked for a few photos of her reading Olivia Dances For Joy and Born from the Heart (A beautiful Adoption book!) 



Jessica’s sister Sarah canvassed a photo from Olivia’s balloon release, such a special photo!



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